Taking Momma Home

Recently I had the chance to take my momma back to her hometown. Now for some people this might not seem like a big deal but growing up, we lived like gypsies. When asked where I am from, I have a hard time answering. It seemed like we moved every couple of years. Maybe not far but we did move lots.

But I took my momma back to her hometown of McRoberts, Kentucky. At one time, the small community was part of the larger mining community of Eastern Kentucky. There is not as much there as there used to be but from the outpouring of community spirit I witnessed there, it still means something special to most who grew up there. They had a car show, live music, booths, inflatables for the kids and their first annual parade.

photo (34)

photo (35)

photo (36)

But the most fun for me was watching these “older” ladies run squealing the length of a football field when they spotted one of their old friends. They had way more energy than I manage on a good day. And when the good old songs played over the loud speakers, they just couldn’t keep from dancing. And the men took up their teasing where they must have left off in their high school days.  Stories of their younger days spilled from their lips, punctuated by laughter, faster than I could keep up with. I heard many tales that my mother would have never been comfortable sharing with me in my younger days. But I am blessed because I got to hear these stories and share a part of my momma’s life she probably wouldn’t have shared otherwise. And the smile on her face the two days we were there was worth more to me than all the money in the world. I love you Momma!

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