Scaredy Cat

Have you ever known anyone who was scared of everything? Our soon to be fourteen year old is. He is even scared of his own shadow. Now he just loves to watch scary movies and anything about ghost hunting but can’t even take the trash out after dark. My husband, Randy, can’t help but try to scare what little wits he has left out of him.

One night, Randy sent him into the backyard to do something and of course, it was after dark. As soon as Daniel cleared the back porch, Randy flipped the porch light off. I thought Daniel was going to tear the door off the hinges as he wrenched it open to get back in. He skidded across the kitchen floor and slammed into the stove, laughing hysterically.

Another night, he wanted to go ghost hunting in the fields behind the house. Of course Randy told him there were ghosts back there. So he grabs the flashlight and his sister, Alyson, and heads out to get on the four-wheeler. Randy hadn’t put any gas in the ATV, so he hoped they would get out in the back field and run out. No such luck. They didn’t even go past the garden when Daniel thought he heard something and came racing back to the house. But he still swears he’s going back one night.

Then there was the time that it was almost dark and Daniel was bragging that he would walk through the barn. Randy had told him a night or two before that he had seen something in there and didn’t know what it was. Randy told him that he would give him a dollar if he would stay in the barn for fifteen seconds. So, Daniel set off. I was dutifully timing him as he went into the barn. It wasn’t long before he came out the front of the barn, squealing like a girl.

Daniel likes to go help his dad log. One time we were logging behind our house. When we log, sometimes it gets muddy. I mean quicksand muddy. You step in that stuff and sink faster than you can blink an eye. Daniel was helping out and stepped right in this mud. Before he could try to get out, he was stuck in there up to his waist. Randy tried to pull him out with no luck. So he gets on the dozer and tries to angle the blade so Daniel can grab it. Daniel thinks that Randy is going to push him out so he starts screaming. Randy is laughing so hard that he can’t explain to Daniel what he is going to do. So Randy turns the dozer around and comes back to the house. He was coming back to get the four-wheeler and a tow rope to pull him out with but Daniel thought he was leaving him there. And seeing as it was starting to get dark, Daniel starts freaking out. Before Randy can get the rope and get back up there, Daniel comes screaming into the yard, no pants, no boots and covered in mud. We laughed until we hurt. And we finally fished his clothes and shoes out of the goop.


                                                           My Scaredy Cat- Daniel 

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Writer of young adult fantasy, romance and humor. Mother of seven. High ruler of the Kingdom of Crazy. :D
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2 Responses to Scaredy Cat

  1. Steve says:

    I used to be scared of the dark when I was young. Now I am older I am more scared of what’s in the dark….


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