Bob: Handsome Hair and Hunting Stories

Bob has handsome hair or at least he says he does. He likes to comb it and tell everyone how handsome it is. And we all know what kind of liar he is.



                                                        Handsome Hair

So we take him to the barber shop to get a cut. Our barber is an avid deer hunter and has a television set up in his shop playing hunting shows. Bob climbs up in the chair and the barber starts cutting. The show on the television is showing a large buck. Bob looks up at the barber and says, “I killed a fourteen point.”

The barber pauses.

“Yep, he come up out of the creek and I put him down. Killed him with a shotgun. Up in the holler.”

Bob keeps embellishing his tale while the barber is cutting. Finally the barber stops and looks at Randy.

“Really, he really killed a fourteen point?”

I think he seriously believed this five-year-old sitting in his chair. But Bob is entirely serious when he talks of his expeditions in the woods.

Randy shakes his head and laughs. The barber laughs and continues to cut Bob’s hair as Bob relives his non-existent hunting adventures. One of these days, he’s really going to kill one and no one will believe him.



                                                               Bob’s New Do!




                                                    Bob, winking for the ladies! 

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2 Responses to Bob: Handsome Hair and Hunting Stories

  1. Valerie says:

    What a CHARACTER!! 😀 He looks good both ways!


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