We don’t need television in Hope

We don’t need television in Hope. Now I know I’ve said this before but it really is true. Anything you’d ever want to watch, we have live in Hope.

We have our own personal weather man, Doc. Now he may not get the weather right for Hope but he can tell you the weather for every other place in the world. And make you believe that it’s all going to hit here today.

If you are into politics, we have our own version of a political debate. And forget about Republican or Democrat, we just have the right side and the wrong side. Now our friend Bob represents the right side and our son Daniel represents everything else. This makes for some interesting viewing. If you are into sports, we have Will wrestling or Tommy’s triathlon. We’re not sure what the exact sports are in Tommy’s triathlon but it sure is fun to watch. We have our own version of music videos with Alyson, usually performed on top of our picnic table or the trampoline. Then we have hunting stories with Bob, among other things. Some days he gives concerts or is a stand up comedian.

If you like the show “Cops,” all you have to do is watch next door. Sometimes they even show an episode of “Emergency.” Randy has been known to stage his own version of “Gunsmoke,” complete with lots of actual gunsmoke. If you hang around any of the local loafing spots, you could be involved in Hope’s version of “The Andy Griffith Show.” And I, of course, am the star of “Charlie’s Angels.” Well, maybe my show would be more like “Golden Girls.” Some days, it’s like a scene from “The Brady Bunch” around here, minus all the niceness and the spontaneous song and dance routines, and with lots of yelling added. With all of the mishaps around here, it could pass as “Green Acres.”

But whichever “show” we are involved in at the time, we are sure to have a wonderful time. Life here is not quite normal but we can’t say that we are ever bored.


About christyfarrisbooks

Writer of young adult fantasy, romance and humor. Mother of seven. High ruler of the Kingdom of Crazy. :D
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