My Olympic Gold Medalists

I sometimes wonder what my kids will be when they grow up, as I am sure most people do. I have decided that my wonderful children will all be Olympic Gold Medalists, if they add a few new “sports” to the Olympics.

Bob, the five-year old, would win a gold every time if they had a competition for the most comical faces. He makes an awesome pirate face. Then he has his singing face, his serious face and his “Are you kidding me?” face. He’s got them all and they are hilarious.


               Bad Bob

Now, Will Henry, our nine-year old, would blow away the competition if he could compete in talking. Everyone thinks he’s this shy little quiet fellow when they meet him, but no, he could talk the legs off a millipede. Once he gets started, he does not stop. He talks to me sometimes until my ears go numb.


                     Super Will- with the ability to talk without taking a breath!

Daniel, our thirteen-year old, has the gift of foolishness. He can come up with the corniest sayings and the silliest songs. He would surely bring some gold home for us with his imitations and his crazy dance moves.


                                                     Daniel- Crazy at it’s best!

Sweet little Alyson, the eleven-year old, would have the competition all wrapped up in wheedling. She could sweet talk an eskimo right out of his coat. I’ve seen people with steely determination crumble when she turns those big brown eyes on them and begins her pitch.


                                        Alyson, who could resist those eyes!

And last but not least, Thomas, our other nine-year old (almost ten), is a master of zoning out. He can sit in a room full of people talking and laughing and be a million miles away. Most times you have to yell his name at least five times to get his attention. I don’t know what goes on in that head of his, but let me tell you, it must be amazing.


                                   Thomas, ready to get into the zone!

So see, I have a house full of potential gold medalists. If only I can figure out how to get these categories added on to the next Olympics.

About christyfarrisbooks

Writer of young adult fantasy, romance and humor. Mother of seven. High ruler of the Kingdom of Crazy. :D
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3 Responses to My Olympic Gold Medalists

  1. girlychristina says:

    You’re kids are adorable. The possibilities are endless for them, and that’s a beautiful thing! =)


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