Things my kids mispronounce



Bob resguising as a cowboy!

I’ve always loved the way kids mispronounce words. It’s so funny the things they come up with. I almost hate it when they start school and the system drums it out of them. Well at least we can enjoy it until they do.

One of my favorites is the way Alyson says vegetable. She says vengtable. It is so cute. The other kids try to make fun of her but I always make them quit.

When Thomas was little, he never could say sissy, so he always called Alyson “Hissy.”  And Daniel would always ask, when he was small, if him and Daddy were going to town to get diesels. Whenever I fix a cake, Daniel asks if I’m going to put “icining” on it.  

Now when Bob was smaller, he channelled Arnold Schwarzenegger. He would run around saying, “I got a water bottle.” He sounded just like The Terminator. We had many good laughs over the phrase. Now, he has begun to add re- to every word. So for supper, we have retaters (potatoes). If he gets in his costume box, he is resguising (disguising). He even likes to eat renaners (bananas).

Will Henry always tickles me when he asks what. It’s so cute when he says “What’n.” He never can leave the “n” off of it.

Do your kids ever mispronounce things in a cute or funny way? What kind of things make you giggle? Let me know, I always enjoy a good giggle. 😀

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